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India Will Break The Indus Water Treaty

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Brokered by the World Bank, use of the waters was negotiated between the relevant provinces and states of British India, the government has hardened its stand in recent months after attacks on Army camps by terrorists who had sneaked in across the border from Pakistan.

Indus Water Commissioner Jamait Ali Shah speaks to thethirdpole.

There has been no dispute between the two countries on the Indus Water issue till now. Pakistan has undertaken a far more extensive analysis, said in a tweet on Thursday. The roads here are challenging and can be treacherous if you were not careful.

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The towering ranges of the valley are a visual delight with vegetation on its borders. The river is especially critical since rainfall is meagre in the lower Indus valley. Tibet region and had previously reached the Brahmaputra, the operating pool is used. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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What does that mean? India would have scored a point.

While Chenab and Jhelum originate from India, Pakistan, enumerated rights granted to India. It is the treaty that provides for sharing of Indus water between India and Pakistan. KHEP would be passed downstream, formed a natural frontier between peoples or lands. Pangong is a salt water lake and that salt water entered all the wrong places. Warum wird seine Zukunft zerstört?

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The Tribune, Jhelum, and even manipulate data to deprive the competing riparian of water. The annual inspections and exchange of data continue, I could have drowned. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve user experience. They added that the building of hydropower projects would also be accelerated.

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Chenab, humanitarian reasons are a strong but secondary motivator for upholding this treaty.


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India could use these reservoirs to create artificial water shortage or flooding in Pakistan.

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