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Moreover the courts have also ruled that the owner of property with an easement running over it does not have the right to block or impair the effective use of the easement.

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This is the third post in a three-post series on prescriptive easements. XXX Lexington Kentucky Grantor in favor of the Fayette County Rural. One may acquire an easement by prescription over the land of another. Did not have an easement by prescription or an easement by estoppel to a. Kentucky driveway easement laws.

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Since an easement is a request for use of your property you have the right to deny it However if it's a public entity that is requesting the easement such as the local government they may take you to court When the easement request is based on benefits to the community typically a judge will grant the easement.


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Adverse Possession your right to acquire land that doesn't belong. Easement By Grant Prescription Are Articles Of Association The Same As. Action seeking a temporary construction easement and a permanent drainage. Vineyard PropertyThe Not So Common Sense of Preventing.


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Claiming adverse possession of registered land After 10 years in possession of a piece of registered land you are entitled to apply to the Land Registry for Possessory Title of the land that you are occupying If your possession can be proven a successful application will mean that you become the 'owner' of the land.


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However the law is fairly clear about who has responsibility for maintaining an easement Basically the person or party using an easement known as an easement holder has a duty to maintain it.


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An easement is a request from either a public or private source to access your property for their benefit However with both public and private easements the entity may take you to court in specific cases and a judge may force the easement on you when they deem it a necessity or relevant.

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