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Will a trail of emails lead police to a vicious killer? You can purchase movie channels a la carte on top of your existing cable TV package.

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Florence Ballino is found murdered; her attacker deliberately leaves behind clues in an attempt to confuse investigators, but Detective Postiglione identifies one clue that inextricably connects to the killer.

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KMXJ radio, a Townsquare Media station, plays the best variety of music in Amarillo, Texas. Starting today, Hulu Live TV subscribers will have access to Discovery networks. You think will have spent a murder; president of washington post.

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An elderly couple performs CPR on their young neighbour after gunfire interrupts their bedtime routine; investigators follow fresh footprints from the scene, only to learn the killer may already be behind bars.

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The nightmare is seemingly over when Wayne Williams, a young black man, is arrested and the majority of the crimes are attributed to him.

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