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Listed Building Consent Application Form Planning Portal

Find this page. Please note that only one copy of plans need to be submitted with applications.

For advice on completing an application form please refer to the guidance notes and then to the appropriate checklist to ensure that the correct documents are included. The guidance note accompanying the relevant application form explains further. What do I need to do?

Lawful Development Certificates establish that an existing or proposed development or use is lawful, or that works would not affect the character of a listed building as a building of special architectural or historic interest.

These essential cookies do things like remember your progress through a form. We use permitted development which guides you might need planning portal online. We have amended the format of the document to make the document more user friendly.

As a result, some of the elements on this page may not behave as you might expect. You can upload your maps and pay for your application online using this service. Use this form if you wish to make a minor change to existing planning permissions.

View the application form and further detail on the new route for applicants seeking to extend construction site working hours introduced in the Business and Planning Act. The council will check that all the required information has been submitted.

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